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Do you want to be a part of a passionate and forward-thinking team? As a family-run hospitality business we really care about each and every member of our team and always strive to be the very best we can be.

We are always looking for talented, professional and committed hospitality professionals to join our team, who genuinely enjoy delivering top quality service.

To ensure we continue to provide our guests with a superior service that exceeds expectations, we constantly strive to be more helpful, more expert, more responsive and more welcoming than our competition.

It’s not only about making our guests happy though. We also believe that the key to happy guests is a happy team that enjoys what they do and has fun along the way.

If this sounds like the sort of team you would like to join and somewhere you would like to advance your career in hospitality, then please email

Georgian House Team
"Georgian House is not just a place to work, over my seven years working here it has become much much more than that, almost like a second home."
Breakfast Chef
"I feel that Georgian House has been a good opportunity to improve my skills and gain confidence."
Food & Beverage Supervisor
"I enjoy being with my colleagues as we are like a small family. My job engages me in different ways everyday and my manager helps me to balance my work and personal life."
Housekeeping supervisor

Excellence at work

We are always looking for quality people who are educated, skilled, motivated, and friendly. And when you join us, we encourage and support you to be the best in your field. We provide a stimulating environment where you’ll be motivated, empowered and recognised. And we do our best to remove obstacles to creativity.

Development and training

We put a premium on continuous staff development. We agree a rolling personal development plan with you that lays out your training and development schedule for the next year and we encourage you to enrol for external training in your area of expertise.


We encourage a ‘grown up’ attitude in all of our relationships: with guests, partners, and employees. We aim to offer as much flexibility in working hours as we can, and look for flexibility in your approach too.

Reward and Recognition

We run a scheme that provides reward and recognition in addition to your basic salary. This scheme awards for examples of particular achievement, dedication, or excellence, nominated by staff and guests, and also provides an incentive for great ideas for improvement from anyone on the team. We also encourage all staff to value each other and offer recognition and congratulations for high performance.

Witch Hat

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